Confounding Thoughts

I want no one.

I never have.

I want her.

I want to touch her,

I want her to touch me.

I want us naked.

I don’t want sex,

I don’t need sex.

I need her.

I need her skin against mine,

Her weight pressed against me.

Her arms around me and mine around her.

I want to lay eyes on her, drink her in.

I want to drown in her until I can’t get enough,

I’ll never get enough.

I starve for her.

A/N: I wrote this a while ago and played with it today. I’m still not sure where it’s going but I place it in the ether now and maybe I’ll come back to it later to play with it some more. This is what I get for being a Pisces.

Author: Erisel Cruz

Erisel. High Gay Sceptor of the Down South, first of her name, Kaleesi of the Aces, Empress of Dad Joke Island and Nerd Downs, Queen of the Seven Fandoms. Erisel Cruz is a web/media manager and writer based in Maryland. She's an avid (addicted) reader, gamer, Pokemon Master, Slytherin, and secret hedgehog. She is the proud mother of two spoiled Husky/Lab mixes, and hopes to one day own a cat named Minerva (tabby or otherwise). She is a proud member of For Colored Girls Who Lead & Teh Lunchbox Publications. Catch her on Twitter at @EriselCruz.

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