The Bold Type S.1 E.8: The End of the Beginning (Spoilers!)

Another episode down and the Bold Type continues to dazzle me! I know, I know – I’m late to the show and late to recaps. But better late than never, right?

All the girls are dealing with shared drama, everyone continues to look gorgeous even exhausted and stressed out, and Kadena gave me all the feels last night. Can I just say how smitten I am with this show? Positively smitten!

Kat learns from Jacqueline (who heard from Richard) that layoffs are around the corner, but her job is safe which makes her feel not at all happy because her friends might get fired (I’m with you, girl, that would ruin the mood any day). Respecting that Jacqueline wants to keep the news a secret, she refrains from divulging the information to Jane and Sutton. But with news this heavy, it’s always best to let it out and so she finds solace in dear Adena, who is still in far away Paris with CoCo. Too bad Jane overhears the conversation (yikes!) which causes some momentary turmoil between the three ladies. After a good night’s rest, Jane and Sutton recognize that they can not be upset with Kat and they make up.

Although Jane worries she may lose her dream job, she refuses to go down without a fight or at least a back up plan. Queue butt facials and impromptu meetings with another publication who tempts her with the potential of doing stories only she would want (ergo, no butt facials) and nothing more to grow Jane as her own brand. Katie Stevens was brilliant and hilarious in this episode. Honestly fantastic. I’m a little worried with how the episode ends with the scene cutting before we hear Jane’s response to the job offer she gets from the rival publication. Hopefully she realizes that we…I mean she needs to stay with Scarlet magazine for the very reasons she stated in the pilot episode: working at Scarlet has been her dream since she was a little girl growing up in Colorado.

Sutton really shows her strengths and her weaknesses this episode. She steps up to the challenge of keeping her job, taking charge when the layoff rumors leave Cassie out of commission during an important photo shoot she was in charge of since Oliver is out of the country. A strong response after a discouraging scene with Jane and Alex mourning over the potential loss of employment. But Jacqueline calls her out on an important weakness she must learn to overcome when she fails to defend herself when Cassie takes the credit for Sutton’s work at the photo shoot. I feel you, boo. I don’t know how to stand up for myself sometimes either. Luckily for all of us or maybe just Sutton, the photographer had her back and let Jacqueline know who should have the credit for the shoot’s success.

The star of the episode, however, was Jacqueline. Immediately upon hearing from Richard that the Board of Directors (those annoying old, white men), she gears up for a fight to keep her people, rounds up her favorite girls (we all know they’re her favorites), and pushes them to work hard and show their value. She shows how much she trusts Kat’s leadership by informing her about the potential for layoffs, and then creating a plan to combat the Board on their decision. While unfortunately, layoffs were still going to be in the works, the girls all get to keep their jobs. Even better, Kat gets a promotion with a budget for not just a new assistant but also a team to assist her. Not bad for a newly minted Social Media Director.

Next week: Relationships are tested and fears are faced.

And that’s The Bold Type, episode 8: The End of the Beginning. Watch the show on Freeform, Tuesdays at 9pm ET/8pm CT or online here and remember to use the hashtag #TheBoldType on Twitter to chat with myself and other fans during the show!


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