For Those With Active, Outdoorsy Lives

I love being outside. Like I LOVE being outside. It’s rejuvinating, it’s eye opening, and whenever I’m hiking, camping, swimming, or just sitting under a nice tree enjoying nature it’s a treat just to experience the world around me. I especially like being able to do so in comfortable (and practical) clothing.

I also like to support and promote companies that I feel support my passions and help fuel my desire to be outdoors. One of those companies is JUMPER Threads. Through Kickstarter, they produced my most favorite pair of sweatpants to ever exist (I mean it, I will create a load of laundry just to wash it and only when I really think it needs washing!). And right now, JUMPER Threads is coming out with a jacket line just as awesome as their sweatpants: The Action Jacket.

Now, yes, this is a promotion for them, and yes if you click on this link, and back the project, I do get commission from it. But I can say, and you’ll have to take me at my word (which at the end of the day is all I have and it does mean a lot to me), these guys are the real deal. Myself and hundreds of others have provided continuous feedback on the design of the jacket, and are huge fans for a very good reason. We are happy with the products we receive from JUMPER Threads, and I would never promote something I myself would not use (without properly explaining why I’m promoting and not using it). That said, check it out! And please let me know what you think.


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