Hope in an Apocalypse

Smoke filled skies, White House lies.

Waters stopped receding, optimism’s being defeated by the illness of a nation; white supremacist manifestations infecting and rotting from Birth.

The idea of anyone being of any worth if they aren’t “the chosen few”

Do we even know what to do?

How to heal?

A hodgepodge of live and let lives, brainwashed into thinking Richie Rich was a genius; joining the rat race, for what?

Capitalism ain’t our friend; these elites lead us to our end, and we handed them the leash.

Lambs to the fucking slaughter.

How do we even bother attempting to save so many when they deny to dignify the few?

Caught on tape! These pigs still escape the pens that could, would, should protect us from them.

And though the world is bleak, and that toupee’d freak would have me hopeless, I thank God.

I wake and thank God. Get baked and thank God. Fuck the false believers, praise God because I know:

Black Lives Matter. Our fight is just. Our actions won’t be judged against us.

I’ve seen the devil coated in rust, and his time is up.


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