I Want To Start a Farm

I am a self-proclaimed hermit, recluse, and extreme introvert. One dream that always brings me the best kind of joy is winning the lottery, buying a ton of land and a small cabin in any mountain range, and living my best off the grid life for as long as the wilderness will have me. I still have high hopes for that dream, but now it includes a farm and less hermit-like tendencies.

For those who know me, this is a pretty common introduction: I come from a huge family. My mother is one of 14 kids who all average about 2-3 kids among them and my father is one of 3 boys who at minimum have 4 kids each, and this of course doesn’t count Latinx culture on both sides of the family where second and third cousins are just as important and prominent in my life. That’s a lot of grown-ups, a lot of kids, and generational differences galore. It may partially explain my introversion! Part of a big family group means you learn to be part of the social processes and my favorite part whether anyone believes me or not is providing the food. My mother instilled a deep love of service, especially through food. I loved helping my mom organize who was bringing what dish to the family reunions before she passed the mantle on to some of my elder cousins; hosting and taking care of folks when they come to my mom’s for lunches or dinners that she plans; and helping her set up her vegetable gardens in the backyard when she had to switch to a vegetarian diet for her health. Food, to me, is a big part of family life, community life, not just because it is a basic need, but also how it brings people together for delightfully short periods of time before everyone goes back to their lives until the next get together.

Being outdoors is another passion of mine, and one I am probably most known for besides my slight obsession with reading. Climbing trees, going to parks, going on hiking expeditions from a young age grew to solo hikes, organizing camping trips in college with friends, and using the outdoors as a way to bond with my social groups. There is nothing, in my opinion, more healing than nature. It is my church, my temple, my ultimate religious experience. I can wax spiritual poetic on the natural world all day, every day.

Visiting farms in the Maryland area where I live, as well as family farms in the Dominican Republic when I visit with my mother, gives me a sense of peace I only ever feel when I’m outdoors. Who wouldn’t want to feel that way all the time? So the thought hit me in the simplest, and still most complicated way: I want to start a farm. More importantly, I don’t want to wait for the lottery or retirement or any ridiculous milestone most people wait for to make huge changes in their lives. I’m taking the next year to save up and build my credit, finding a good few acres of land near a river if possible, and ordering a ready-made home. I outlined how I’m going to start growing my farm thanks to interviews with farmers in and out of family that I met with over the last six months. This blog will probably feature more outdoor living/farm life information as I do more research and get closer to that specific goal. I’ll be curious to the changes in my writing and poetry while I go on this journey, and the folks I’ll continue to meet on the way. I hope you lovely readers will join me for the ride!

Oh, did I mention this farm will be in Puerto Rico? More to come! Ta ta for now!

For Those With Active, Outdoorsy Lives

I love being outside. Like I LOVE being outside. It’s rejuvinating, it’s eye opening, and whenever I’m hiking, camping, swimming, or just sitting under a nice tree enjoying nature it’s a treat just to experience the world around me. I especially like being able to do so in comfortable (and practical) clothing.

I also like to support and promote companies that I feel support my passions and help fuel my desire to be outdoors. One of those companies is JUMPER Threads. Through Kickstarter, they produced my most favorite pair of sweatpants to ever exist (I mean it, I will create a load of laundry just to wash it and only when I really think it needs washing!). And right now, JUMPER Threads is coming out with a jacket line just as awesome as their sweatpants: The Action Jacket. Continue reading “For Those With Active, Outdoorsy Lives”

How To Talk About #NoDAPL: A Native Perspective

Transformative Spaces

14247963_10154406248820309_1976289082_o Water Protectors gather after a day of prayer and direct action. (Photo: Desiree Kane)

This piece is very personal because, as an Indigenous woman, my analysis is very personal, as is the analysis that my friends on the frontlines have shared with me. We obviously can’t speak for everyone involved, as Native beliefs and perspectives are as diverse as the convictions of any people. But as my friends hold strong on the frontlines of Standing Rock, and I watch, transfixed with both pride and worry, we feel the need to say a few things.

I’ve been in and out of communication with my friends at Standing Rock all day. As you might imagine, as much as they don’t want me to worry, it’s pretty hard for them to stay in touch. I asked if there was anything they wanted me to convey on social media, as most of them are maintaining a…

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I have two main addictions if you ignore Pokemon (which you cannot, so bump that two to a three): television & books. Okay, in essence one addiction: stories. I love stories. I love crappy stories from SyFy (come on, Sharknado was kind of funny in a sad, pathetic, sexist way), I love realistic fiction like L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables series, and I especially love Fantasical stories from the Harry Potter series (the books, don’t start me on the movies…they were okay, I guess) to Netflix’s adaptation to the Seven Deadly Sins. Stories are my life’s blood.

Since I want to post my stories here, my writing as a whole, I’d love to be able to talk about other stories and perhaps even entertain a conversation on them. Maybe I can convince you to watch something new, pick up a new book (or download it to a Kindle, I love my Paperwhite), or we can talk about our favorite relationships/friendships/all the ships. All in good fun, of course. I am certainly not here for senseless arguments, and I try to be objective whenever possible and stay respectful.

So! I will be posting reviews every now and then on different television shows, books, games and movies; getting a feel for a different kind of writing than what I am used to and I hope whoever stumbles upon this humble blog of mine will find something interesting.

Ta ta for now, and remember to always look on the bright side!